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I'm glad you found me.

I don’t believe in coincidences. 


I believe that the Universe has a mysterious and beautiful way of presenting us the right challenges and opportunities when we need them the most.


It was one of those challenges - having my heart broken into pieces and feeling like I had lost sight of my true North - what brought me all the way from Spain to Bondi Beach, Australia to begin my healing journey.


And what a journey. 


In the past years, I have used the cracks of my heart to dive right into it in search of my unique light. But to find your light, you also have to deal with your shadows.


It takes courage to shine your light, but is your duty to do so. Only you can shine it in that beautiful and unique way.


I have been working as an Architect for more than 10 years, although I studied both Architecture & Fine Arts back at University, society inertia pushes you into one direction where definition of success is external to you. The Soul knows best and she created Bondi Letters so I could start shining my light brighter through my creativity, and what started as a gift for others has turned into the biggest gift for myself.


I learned my own definition of success and now live my days in alignment to what my soul came here to do.


Now I run workshops where I teach how to reconnect with your creativity and intuition through calligraphy, and work in handmade products where I pour all my love and light so they can inspire you to shine yours brighter.


I only lost sight of my North so I could find my South. 


Always trust your Soul.

xx Vanessa-01.png
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